Monday, February 27, 2006

The Guy Above Me is Snoring Again.

By "guy above me", I mean the one who sleeps in the apartment above mine, not the guy on top of me. Because I don't sleep with guys. Usually. Unless you're a guy who looks like Halle Berry. Or I'm drunk and think you look like Halle Berry.

*ahem* As I was saying, the guy is snoring again. Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. He didn't start snoring until a couple weeks ago... at least, not so as I noticed. Now, every other night, right as I'm getting into bed I hear the most impressive (yet highly annoying) sound of someone enjoying the sleep I will never get because "someone" is snoring too DAMN LOUD!

And now it's 8:45 in the morning, and he just started snoring again! What the hell, man? Can't you at least keep it to evenings only? I don't want to be that neighbor who kicks the wall repeatedly to wake you up -- although I already did that once, last week. This is getting as bad as summer camp!

Sudden thought: how do I know The Guy Snoring Above Me is a guy? Ugh. I hate the thought of a woman making sounds so unholy and irritating.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Here's the fall-out from my Peace Corps situation, o captive audience...

I decided to turn down the assignment to Georgia, did it this morning. Had a suprisingly good chat with the placement officer, and it looks like I am instead going to be considered for community development positions in Africa. In spite of my earlier venom, I did put a lot of thought into this: Georgia's lands look beautiful, and the culture is really interesting (I did a TON of research over the last week), but it's too close to a volatile area right now. Parts of Africa may not be the safest places either, but several countries around Georgia have a hatred that seems reserved specifically for Americans. Chances are I would be perfectly safe, but we are literally talking about my life, so I thought it best to walk away. Besides, it's not like I'm not doing the Peace Corps, I'm just going to a different area (I hope). Perhaps in my vacation time I can backpack in Europe instead.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stupid GODDAMN Peace Corps!

So last Friday, after 6 months of paperwork and medical clearances I finally got my Peace Corps assignment. I was supposed to go somewhere in Eastern Europe (Romania, went the incessant litany in my head, please let it be Romania), and I learned that I was to work on an NGO in Georgia. (Georgia?! WTF? Is that even in Europe?)

Well, it depends who you ask. It's apparently right on the border between Europe and Asia, but most maps seem to place it in Western Asia. Me, I put it right fuck in the middle of Asia, because separating it from the rest of Europe is the Black Fucking Sea. More importantly, it is one tiny nation (Armenia) away from Iran in the South, and on its northern border is Chechnya. Now, I know I'm no diplomat, but I do believe that both these nations HATE Americans with a burning passion.

So, let's see... I was not given an assignment in the area that I was supposed to be sent, and where they DO want to send me is easily within kidnapping distance of anti-American enthusiasts. Great. So I write my Peace Corps placement officer and politely explain that I am very nervous about being stationed in this country as a peaceful volunteer, and besides which this isn't the geographical region I'm even supposed to be considered for. His response: either I can turn down the assignment, and maybe - MAYBE - be considered for placement somewhere in Africa, or I can shut up and take it, and basically stop wasting his time. Oh, and I have to make my final decision by Monday via mail, so really I have to make my final decision by tomorrow.

To all those people out there who think that the Peace Corps is a bunch of tree-hugging hippies, think again. It's a branch of the American government, a PR machine to make our country look better to the rest of the world... no mean feat, considering how we're pissing the rest of the world off on a daily basis. But I still want to do it! I want to travel, and not as a tourist... I want to learn about the world, learn at least 1 new language, submerge myself in a different culture. I would also like to do it in an area where I'm not mildly concerned about being snatched up and broadcast on TV wearing an orange jumper, begging my fellow countrymen to get the hell out of Iraq.

P.S. For the record, I have nothing against Africa, and would not be averse to being assigned to work in a country there, but for the last half year I had been assured I would be working in an Eastern European country, and well, I had made plans. Tough shit, you say? Suck it up and deal? Well, gentle reader, that is exactly what I am trying to do by venting right now.